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Amazon Tours 2019

In the Iquitos area. The Peruvian Amazon tour is a trip you will remember forever, it can be done throughout the year, with no weather restrictions and if you are planning to do it with kids, it won´t be a better adventure for them and for sure they will forever cherish.
On your motorboat tour of Lake Titicaca, you'll visit Taquile Island, where you'll see how the local people integrate their Inca and Spanish past, and the amazon jungle tours peru Uros Floating Islands, where you'll learn how the Uros Indians construct their islands, homes, and boats from totora reed, a centuries-old practice.
1) Ecuador has easy access to the Amazon (just half an hour flight from the capital of Quito ), and world class eco-lodges such as Sacha Lodge and La Selva Lodge which provide the most convenient, comfortable way to discover remote Amazonian wildlife and indigenous peoples Combine a tour of the Amazon with the Galapagos Islands for the ulitmate wildlife viewing vacation.

Be sure you've packed your camera on this amazing vacation to Peru and the Galápagos Islands, as you'll enjoy magnificent scenery in the Peruvian Amazon, thrilling wildlife in the Galápagos Islands, and amazing ancient ruins in some of Peru's most historic areas.
How To Visit: Peru's Amazon region has so many quintessential moments: watching a family of giant river otters playfully frolic outside their den overlooking an oxbow lake; hiking through epiphyte-rich cloud forest, hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower, on the way to a little-known waterfall; making your way along a steamy jungle river, in the later afternoon, as the sun slowly sinks over the snow-covered Andes in the distance.

I wanted to be super deep in the jungle rather than along the outskirts and therefore headed to the lowland jungle with my BMTM Adventures group, and I flew into Iquitos first (which I don't recommend staying in - it's a city) before taking a boat further into the forest to the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area.
Start in Lima by sampling Peru's famous gourmet cuisine, travel to the spectacular Peruvian Amazon, visit the mysterious Machu Picchu Then fly to La Paz, to explore its alleys, markets, visit to Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca, travel to the surreal Uyuni Salt Flat, and Colorful Lagoons.
Board the VISTADOME train that cuts a path through the picturesque Urubamba Valley bound for Aguas Calientes, the quaint town closest to the Lost City of the Incas.” Ascend the mountainside through tropical forest to the sacred refuge of MACHU PICCHU.

The other advantage is that Peru provides a wonderful opportunity to visit the jungle as part of a wider holiday throughout the country, so visits to the jungle can be added to tours of Machu Picchu, or treks in the Andes, all within one short holiday.
Other animals and plants you're likely to find in the Peruvian Amazon include howler monkeys (famous for the loudest call in the forest), colorful parrots, sloths, sinister looking caiman, colorful butterflies, giant Brazil nut trees and delicate orchids.

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